St. Anne Trivia Game

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Trivia Game Rules

Object: Correctly answer as many questions as possible.

Scoring: Scores are cumulative. The more you play, the higher your score! When you add your score to the scoreboard, it may get published in two places on the Scores page. One place is the Main Scoreboard at the top of the page. The other is the scoreboard for the quiz subject and level you chose. Please note that only the top ten scores for each section are visible. Keep playing and click "Add score to scoreboard" at the end of your trivia games, because even if your score is not showing, yet, it is still getting tallied behind the scenes. Points are awarded for the following:

Level 1 questions = 1 point each
Level 2 questions = 2 points each
Level 3 questions = 3 points each
Questions from "All Levels" areas = 2 points each

Once a month, the scoreboard is cleared of all scores. This happens in order for new people to have more fun competing in the game. Well, we like to level the playing field once in a while. Don't worry. The highest scores are saved on the Hall of Fame scores page.

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